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Write 20x more content, faster – on the fly! The only copywriting AI software that writes SEO-optimized blog articles from scratch.

What is Longshot.Ai?

LongShot.Ai is an AI-powered software tool that writes high-converting blog posts for you in just seconds!

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A Look Inside Longshot.Ai

  • Generate SEO-optimized, high-converting blog articles from scratch – from topic research, to headline, to the outline & the full blog.
  • Extend the text, rephrase, generate FAQs and get blog synopsis – all at a click of a button in seconds.
  • Get recommendation on the images for your generated articles with Image Generation AI (Soon)
  • Perfect for: Content Marketers, Founders & Copywriters who run short of time on writing long-form copy.

Step 1: Research Your Niche – Add Topics Or Keywords You Want To Rank For

Simply input the keywords you want to rank for in Google and the tool will generate possible content topics and questions your audience is looking for.

You can see the historical and current search volume of the keywords, so you’ll know what has the most potential.

Easy as pie!

Step 2: Generate Potential Headlines For Your Blog Article

From the keywords you added as input, LongShot’s AI will generate high-quality headlines.

Select one of the generated headlines and proceed to choose the blog outline. You can also regenerate headlines if you want to explore more headline ideas.

Step 3: Create Content Brief – Select The Structure And Sub-Headings Of The Article

You can now add the number of sub-headings you would like to have in the article. Get the content brief ready in seconds.

Tweak a bit where needed, and proceed to generate a full blog article!

Step 4: SEO-Friendly Long Form – Generate A Full Blog Article In A Single Click

You can now generate the full article in one click.

Want a longer article? Simply hit the ‘Write more’ button and the AI will generate more text inside your article. Steer it the way you want with the real-time performance checker.

You can even add a full summary of the text at the end of the blog as a conclusion of the article.

Simply export the blog with SEO tags like H1, H2, H3 already set correctly and publish it on your site. That’s it, folks!

The Best AI Content Writing Tool For Writing SEO-Optimized Long Form Content On Autopilot

LongShot.ai is the only AI copywriting tool that can actually write quality articles – unlike other tools that generate blogs that feel robotic and inauthentic.

LongShot’s AI is so powerful that the long-form content it generates is not distinguishable from content written by a human copywriter. Did you guess by now that the content in here is written with LongShot’s assistance?

Normally you would pay up to $948/year, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $79 one-time.

Get the deal while the limited stock lasts!

Dealify Offer

Longshot.Ai Dealify Pricing

Who is Longshot.Ai For?

  • Content Marketers, Founders & Copywriters who run short of time on writing long-form copy.


Many of us are frustrated by the lack of success we have in our blogging efforts, and this has led to fears that the blogging world is too competitive to hold our attention. The truth is that there are so many blogs out there that it’s not easy to keep track of where your content stands. Most blogs get written on in a matter of hours, so the time you spend writing a blog post is only limited by the number of hours you have available in a given week. With Longshot.Ai, that can change. Try it out on Dealify.

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