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The all-in-one browser workflow solution you need

What is tabExtend?

tabExtend is more than just a tab manager. It makes it easy to manage and find your tabs. The extension replaces your new tab and gives you the ability to visually organize all your tabs.

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Declutter your browser from dozens of tabs!

Simply open a new tab, then drag and drop your tabs into tabExtend. No more copy pasting URLs and having multiple tabs hog your RAM. tabExtend gives you a new found focus.

A flexible notepad

Complete your saved tabs with notes and to-dos. Combine, move and organize them in your own way.

Open and close groups

Open or close your groups of tabs with one click. Effortlessly context switch and stay focused on your current task.

Auto-darkmode and more

Darkmode is a given. Export data, Offline mode, Smart shortcuts, FX-sounds, Categories, Copy group content, Resizable groups, and much more.

Secure and access your data on the go

Continue where you left off, either at your computer or phone by using our webapp.

SaaSWiz Offer

Deal Terms

  • The 3x and 5x Pro deals are for 3 and 5 individual accounts respectively as team features are on the roadmap, but we wanted to give people the chance to buy multiple accounts for their team at a discount.

tabExtend SaaSWiz Pricing

Who is tabExtend For?

  • For all power users of browsers, who have a lot of open tabs.


Tab management extensions are a dime a dozen, but tabExtend is different. It’s not only a tab manager: it’s a tab enhancer. It not only allows you to easily manage and access your tabs, but it also lets you do so in a variety of ways. You can view your tabs in a visual grid that shows you each tab’s favicon, title, and link. Or, you can view your tabs in a compact list that only shows the link and title of each tab. You can also use a hotkey to create a new tab or view a list of your currently open tabs. And, if you want to scroll through your list of tabs, it also features a smooth, fluid, and responsive. Check it out on SaaSWiz not for a limited time one-time price lifetime deal. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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